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Find fresh, local and delicious products in your own backyard while supporting your neighboring farmers.

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Local Food Map

Want to support local Berks farmers, but you’re not sure where to find a list of farms in your area or what type of goods they offer? We make it easy with our Berks Farm Directory. Filter results for what you’re looking for and visit local farms and markets today.


From picking berries to wandering corn mazes and cutting down Christmas trees, there are activities happening at our local farms throughout every season of the year. View upcoming events and plan your next fun-filled day on the farm.

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For Farmers

When it comes to managing a farm, there is a lot more involved than what meets the eye. From finances to marketing and everything in between, we have the resources needed to help you navigate your business.



Whether you’re looking for local gift ideas, tips and recipes to use in your own home, or Berks County farm news, you can find it all on our blog and more. There’s something for everyone to read and enjoy.

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Berks County is home to many family owned farms that offer locally grown produce, fresh meat and dairy, delicious wine and much more. As consumers, it’s important to support our local farmers and buy Berks.