Berks County Dairy

Dairy products are an essential part of healthy development for all mammals, humans included. In Berks County, our vast knowledge of local dairy has come from decades of experience and business. For the freshest, safest, and healthiest products possible, choose local.

For the Family

When you purchase local, you can rest assured that you’re getting the freshest, most responsibly produced dairy for you and your family. Consuming products that are free of hormone disrupting compounds can serve as a huge upgrade to wellness.

Local farms offer a variety of fresh products. From milk and cheese to homemade ice cream in many different flavors, you can find it all right here in Berks County. Support your local farmers and taste the difference.

In 2020, the state’s total milk production was 10.2 billion lbs.

For Local Farmers

By buying from local farmers like Dove Song Dairy in Bernville, The Nesting Box in Kempton, and Mor-Dale Farms in Myerstown, you’re supporting them, their families, and their businesses. Take pride in that.

An honest day’s work in Berks County often constitutes non-stop, dawn-till-dusk productivity. Our local farms work hard to provide you with the freshest, safest dairy products in the Greater Reading Area, and it feels good to show solidarity.

For Our Community

Staying engaged with local farms not only creates lasting friendships, but actually contributes to the local community as well. By buying local dairy, you’re actually promoting local wealth and jobs. Going local is an all-around excellent choice for you, your friends, and your local community.

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