Berks County Meat

Protein is a healthy part of any diet, but unfortunately big brands and companies don’t always have your family’s safety and health in mind. That’s the local difference. Throughout Berks County, we’ve earned our experience day by day and year by year. Taste and feel the difference of locally-farmed meats.

Go Local For Your Holiday Dinner’s Main Course

The holiday’s are quickly approaching, and there’s no better way to stand out than with a beautiful bird, prime rib, or ham from one of Berks County’s locally-owned and operated farms.

Select your main dish from any one of our responsibly-managed farms like Bela Vista Farm in Bethel, Country Time Farm in Hamburg, Gauker Farms in Fleetwood, or Red Rope Farm in Douglassville. Most of these farms have been family-owned and operated for generations, and there’s nothing quite like sourcing your holiday meal from your very own backyard.

As of Dec. 31, 2017, there were 2, 742, 038 broilers and other meat-type chickens in Berks County farms according to the Census of Agriculture

The Benefit of Grass-Fed and Free-Roaming Livestock

Humanely raised livestock is always a better choice. Walking through the aisle of a major grocer can quickly remove you from the animal products you are purchasing. However, how these animals were cared for can make a huge difference in our diets and ecosystem.

With grass-fed or free-range locally raised livestock, not only lowers the risk of bacterial contamination, it also provides you with fresher and healthier food. A humanely-raised chicken, for example, can have 30 percent less saturated fat and 28 percent fewer total calories.

In addition, local farms typically use far less fossil fuels and release fewer air contaminants than grain-fed facilities. This means they are also better for the environment.

Man moving hay

Local Eateries Support Local Meat

Throughout Berks County, there are many restaurants, pubs, and other public eateries that have already made the commitment to locally-sourced meats, and these local businesses are already seeing the benefit.

Local hangouts like the K’Town Pub in Kutztown, Saucony Creek Brewery in Kutztown, and The Farmhouse Kitchen in West Reading, are some of the most successful farm-to-table restaurants in Berks County. By supporting them, you are also supporting local farmers.

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