Other Local Agriculture

There is so much more to farming and agriculture than feeding your family. Sometimes, it’s the little things. Enjoy the simple pleasures of locally-produced honey, the romantic love of a horse-drawn carriage ride through the crisp country air, or the tradition of small-town family values. These are memories you’ll never forget.

Colony of bees

Honey Production & Beekeeping

Honey production is all about kindness and compassion. With local Berks County honey, you can rest assured that you are supporting farms that prioritize the humane treatment of all animals, no matter how small.

When you buy from local beekeepers and honey farms like Griesemer Beekeeping in Wernersville, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that every last sweet and tantalizing drop has been collected responsibly.

According to the Census of Agriculture, there were 1, 809 Berks County farms in 2017 and 224,722 acres of farm land

Celebrate Tradition

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your heritage, and for many of us in Southeast Pennsylvania, there are so many opportunities to do so.

If you’re looking to celebrate a wedding, prom, or anniversary with class, why not do so with a horse drawn carriage ride at Bee Tree Trail in Shartlesville? Local farmers are essential, and they mean so much more to our Berks County communities than meets the eye.

B.A.R.N. Celebrates Farmers

Through its membership and on-going projects, the Berks Agricultural Resource Network (B.A.R.N.) supports economic development efforts, marketing, policy development, and education. The organization recognizes that agriculture represents the entire food industry chain from farmer to consumer.

B.A.R.N. encourages and supports the development of individual and regional networks that share an interest in the past, present and future viability of our agricultural community.

​Now more than ever, our local agricultural sector plays a critical and essential role in our community and economy. Learn how you can support local farms and become a part of this growing movement today.

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