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Free Training Workshops for Your Business

The Berks County Commissioners have partnered with the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance to develop a comprehensive recovery initiative that will provide planning tools to the Berks County business community to prepare for a full reopening and beyond. GRCA has enlisted the expertise of key community stakeholders, business leaders and board members to ensure the broadest possible input in designing the tools, programs and services businesses can rely on to jump start their operations. This plan is a roadmap for Berks County businesses to travel the road to recovery. At the core if this initiative are a wide variety of comprehensive training workshops that are free of charge for Berks County businesses. View and sign up for the workshops below. Remember to check back often as this page will continue to be updated with new programs. You can also sign up for our newsletter to receive important updates.

Find the Training Workshop for You!

We are excited to offer the following training workshops completely free of charge. Click on “Reopening Certificate Program” to find the videos needed to get your opening certificate. Click on “Upcoming Workshops” to view and sign up for upcoming live workshops. Or click on “Archived Workshops” to view past workshops and watch on your schedule.

Reopening Certificate Program:

Day 1

Password: 0x^2*Z33

Password: 4L$6WHG9

Reopening Certificate Program:

Day 2

Password: 1Y!62k3S

Password: 0m%B1$7^

Reopening Certificate Program:

Day 3

Password: 3P+0.98R

Password: 1z?#^3YA

Once you’ve completed the three-part series, please email Mark Dolinski, Vice President of Training and Professional Development, GRCA at MDolinski@GreaterReading.org to receive your certificate.

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Reopening Certificate Program:

Day 1

Password: 0x^2*Z33

Password: 4L$6WHG9

Reopening Certificate Program:

Day 2

Password: 1Y!62k3S

Password: 0m%B1$7^

Reopening Certificate Program:

Day 3

Password: 3P+0.98R

Password: 1z?#^3YA

Pivot and Prosper:

How to use Creativity and Critical Thinking to Thrive During Adversity

Password: 1S+?@a0!

Managing and Leading Remote Teams:


Password: 6H$41?Up

Emotional Intelligence: The Leadership Advantage:

Increase employee engagement, team cohesiveness and workplace productivity

Password: 5k.%ebs6

Leading and Thriving During Times of Change:

As a leader, learn how to effectively navigate and lead change.

Password: 6S@9p!9!

Moving from Breakdown to Breakthrough With Ease and Speed:

Performance is akin to stepping out of a comfort zone.

Password: 6e$A.73h

Understanding the Numbers – Finance for Non-Financial Managers:

Learn the accounting and finance function of a company.

Password: 0$BPH$b=

Effective Meeting Facilitation:

Provides solutions to increase participation and results.

Password: Dv6&a+&P

Resilience During Adversity:

How do you stay resilient during adversity?

Password: 3=2dVJpt

Organizational and Team Alignment:

Learn to organize and align your team.

Password: ==3re!42

Mastering the Numbers – Finance for non-financial managers:

A deeper understanding of how numbers and forecasts are developed.

Password: kzzMk2+Q

How to Lead and Motivate Teams During Adversity:

Learn how to motivate employees during tough times.

Password: *yQAk2S#

Embracing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA):

What is VUCA? Embrace it to gain a competitive advantage.

Password: 0#7IuZQg

Reimagine Your Business:

Explore tools to help you keep a proactive focus where it counts.

Password: 9rU#pp2*

Grow Your Pipeline by Asking for Referrals During the Pandemic:

Learn to proactively seek referrals.

Password: Zd&d#C9$

Managing Expectations and Shifting into Intentional Leadership:

Intention is key to unlocking human potential and extraordinary results.

Password: H&w0$vQ!

Innovative Retention Strategies:

Discover how to grow revenue during the Covid-19 environment.

Password: kk6#NZKj

The K.A.R.E. Model:

Learn to slot account into profiles: keep, attain, recapture and expand.

Password: Z!6km8EC

Map Your Cash:

Tools to help you understand and improve your cash flow.

Password: Z3UhkN&k

Coaching as an Emerging Leadership Requirement:

Coaching is the means for continuous growth.

Password: Z5K%#uK8

“Wallet Share” and Spur Growth Through Targeting Existing Customers:

Learn about cross-selling of ancillary products and services to existing customers.

Password: 6vdG4%2C

Learn How to Identify Your Ideal or Target Prospect:

Who they are, where to find them, and how best to approach them.

Password: !%9HyQ%b

Teamwork in a Time of Great Transition:

Explore employee engagement and compassionate leadership.

Password: Sc=p=nn2

The Amazingly, Undeniable Power of Storytelling:

Learn to tell authentic business stories that are clear, compelling and convincing.

Password: @Y4HpSvY

How Coronavirus May Affect Your Retirement:

Learn how to stay strategic with your retirement planning during a pandemic.

Password: ^354UxJZ

How to Lead Remote Employees Productively:

How to Lead Employees Productively who are Remote or Working at Home during the Crisis is now available.

Password: R$Z=XjF8

How to ACHIEVE EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS During Times of Crisis and Beyond:

Password: aP&i5R.A

How to Lead in the Pandemic:

How to make your people the center of your leadership strategies to push through the pandemic and flourish.

Password: n7uL.uED

The Truth About Extraordinary Results

Debunking myths and illusions to unlock your potential and those you lead.

Password: 3=5LHMHP

How to Give Great Virtual Presentations:

Learn tips and techniques for giving great virtual presentations.

Password: 62BO!#&c

Relevancia de tu Negocio en el Internet y las Redes Sociales:

Password: pj*W$L2.

Understanding Your Core Customer and Brand Promise During the Pandemic:

Gain the tools and insight to better serve and meet the needs of your core customers.

Password: 6%mH5#!F

Selling on Zoom: Zooming in on Virtual Selling:

Maximize Zoom to connect with your customers and drive sales.

Password: m2@PmEQ0

Transitions – for Career and Personal Fulfillment

Examine transitions into new roles and types of organizations.

Password: .&fj1xla

Build a Winning Strategy After the Pandemic:

Learn how to avoid commoditization and achieve a unique position in the marketplace.

Password: $aDF@2Gr

Transitions – Leading Through Organizational Change and Growth

Provides guidance, practices and a roadmap for leading through organizational transitions.

Password: 6*$.y8j$

Redefining Success during COVID- Mindful Techniques for Managing Stress:

Mindfulness techniques specifically designed to bring stress relief.

Password: zaKg1$&D

The Listening Path™: Transforming How Your Organization Listens

Password: M@Rf*Q1a

Turning Stress Into Productivity in the Age of Covid:

Walk away with a practical approach to identify and manage stress for yourself and others.

Password: xe!*JY2P

Elevating Human Connections in your Organization:

Elevate human connections within your organization.

Password: 8r$SgRdN

Coaching and Developing team members: Top 5 Strategies:

Learn ways to turn your team members into leaders using coaching techniques.

Password: gU76A?%$

Mastering the art of video: Short, Sharp & Shiny:

Get pointers on video production from a national expert.

Password: qc$5Hbjn

Developing an Effective Supply Chain

Smart and practical approaches to supply chain management.

Password: oA0W&t*W

Creating a Culture of Innovation During Covid:

Understand corporate culture and learn how to create it.

Password: M2#aME51

The Power of Observation and Allies of Learning:

Learn how to grow your awareness and learning capacity.

Password: a?E74D1Z

How Are You Doing With The Continued Remote Work?:

Reassess how your continued remote work life is going.

Password: Ak7JDC+#

Completing the Year – How to Succeed in 2021:

Provides insights, guidance and practical tasks for completing the year.

Password: X5SDj6!f

Managing Change: Focus on Personal Responses and Solutions:

Learn the personal challenges of change and discover solutions to managing reactions to change.

Password: 0QtVU.=+

Growing Results Through Relationships – Relationship with One’s Self During Covid:

10 insightful practices that you can apply to accelerate your personal and professional results.

Password: 5H4@+0=e

How to Build a Strong Reputation and Consumer Trust for Your Brand:

Learn the importance of managing your online presence and tips for doing so effectively.

Password: Ca8P^n!j

Addressing Isolation During the Pandemic and Wintertime:

Learn mindfulness practices to avoid isolation during the pandemic and winter.

Password: 6=gM5NAw

Elevating the “Posture” of Your Company to Increase Sales:

Develop strategies to build awareness of your company to complement your sales efforts.

Password: 3M3+rmVG

Story-Selling Made Simple:

Story telling is the way to sell. People retain 65-70% of information shared through stories.

Password: x2uG9v&B

Increasing Engagement and Improving Culture via Employee Insights:

Learn to define your core culture characteristics and measure employee engagement.

Password: Q*T&1D=&

Connecting for Better Well-Being During the Covid Crisis:

Discover techniques to develop and enhance online relationships.

Password: +7SsFc8j

Jumpstart Your Networking during the Pandemic

Password: L4!L7Z=w

Showing up Powerfully as a Leader and a Human During COVID:

Learn tools and techniques to show up as leaders.

Password: 80qbjz?j

Relationship with Growth and Being Your Potential:

Propel yourself by unleashing new found energy, enthusiasm, ambition, and power to create and fulfill the promises.

Password: 6XL&*VC9

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